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RE: radiator fan and A/C

> The radiator fan in my 91 100 comes on whenever the
> ignition is switched  to the on position and the climate
> control is set to anything other than  OFF or ECON. Is this
> normal behavior?

Yes, perfectly normal behaviour. As far as I know there is a
radiator for the aircon in front of the main radiator and
to cool it needs the fan going. In fact, in my 200 there
seems to be a problem with the fan in that it doesn't
do normal speeds to cool the car. I have for the last year or
more been running the empty aircon system on LO all the time
to keep that fan running and keep the engine temp in
check. If you spot overheating with the aircon off then
you can switch it on to get the fan going when it normally
wouldn't be. Helps if you can make the aircon compressor
not engage like in mine with the empty aircon system. :)
ECON doesn't engage the aircon compressor, just pumps normal
air through, so there is no need to have the fan going to
cool that small radiator.


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