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Clay bar questions...

I noticed a few posts about these things and since my initial exerience with
one didn't go too well -- I used it on my Ur-Q, of all things! -- I thought
perhaps someone could explain why I ended up with streaks in the paint ... no
matter how many times I went over a specific area, they would not come out.
It looked almost like a film and I assume it was the lubricant that was
provided with the bar but in the end, I had to polish them out with a non-
abrasive cleanser ... what gives?

BTW, my car's painted non-metallic red, which tends to show *every*
imperfection in the finish and thanks to many years spent parked in a garage,
it's still on the original factory paint.  The finish was definitely a *lot*
smoother and while I know that smooth = shiny, I can't say that I actually
noticed much, if any difference before and after...