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Re: batteries

My Die Hard Died Very hard last weekend.  I took my 16 year old
daughter out with her newly acquired permit in the 90 20V.  The only
auto trans I have is a mini van and figured that wouldn't be a good
car to learn how to drive in.  She stalled the car, started it, drove
a block stalled it again, turned the key to start and the battery went
completely dead.  It was so dead the interior lights didn't even glow
let alone run ignition, injectors etc. required for a push start.  She
wasn't real happy steering the car and waving at the neighbors for the
four blocks through the neighborhood with her dad pushing it.  I've
never seen a battery fail that way.  The warranty was good for $9
dollars toward a new battery.  No thanks.

---Steve Marinello <smarinel@neosoft.com> wrote:
> I must object>  Despite all the bad press that the Die Hard has
gotten on
> this list, I've had (apparently) amazing luck with them in my '83  
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