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Re: WHAT AUDI SHOULD I GET...(kinda long)

In a message dated 2/9/99 6:39:12 PM Pacific Standard Time,
brett@pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net writes:

<< Umm, my old 87 5kCST had chromed door lock mechanisms(well, actually, a
chrome "piece" in the door handle.) >>

I was referring to the latch mechanism inside the door jamb. On the '88 and
later cars it is chrome. On the '87 and earlier it is a dingy goldish color. 

<< The only difference in trunk lids was the relocation of the release button.

Add to that the smaller all metal badges (much nicer looking IMO as they age).

<< Non-CS models in any year had black middle rear panels, all CS models had
orange/red back panels. >>

In the US, there are no type 44 tq models '87 and '88 that are not "CS"
models. (That designation changed in '89 to 100 being the "S" and 200 being
the "CS".)

<< There was also a slight, but insignificant, change in various things, like
the throttle body is a little different. >>

Between '87 and '88 type 44 tq? Hmm...what is different in the throttle body?
(WRT the V8 5spd)

<< In terms of:
 -replacement parts(try finding a V8 manual tranny!)
 -performance mods
 -performance, period... >>

You kinda opened yourself up on this one me thinks. Seems to me that in stock
trim the V8 5spd can easily match a 91 200q at sealevel. Performance of the
5spd version is very, very good.

Replacement parts? Certainly no worse than a 91 200q given they (V8's) were
around a few years.

Performance mods? Well, I bet we hear of some things soon that make 'em go
faster now that Graydon has one ;-)
<< a turbo car is a much better idea. >>

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE the Audi turbo I5 and turbo cars in general. But,
the Audi V8 is a wonderful engine. The V8q 5spd maybe the best bang for the
buck out there in the used quattro market for those at or near sealevel. Gotta
include the V8 in any preferred list of used quattros out there IMO.

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq