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Re: Testing for Leaking DC Current

You have probably already heard this form 1500 others already but... 
Go to Radio shack and buy a 1 ohm resistor.  Put it between the
battery terminal and the connector.  Measure the voltage across it. 
Old Ohms Law says I = V / R   R being 1 -- V = I in amps  or 1 volt =
1 amp.  For more resolution use a 10 ohm resistor then V = I * 10 or 1
volt = 0.1 amps.

---Matthew Brenengen <qcar@hotmail.com> wrote:
> does is blow the multimeter's fuse -- it is only rated to about
> In checking Radio Shack's stock, I found that none of theirs really
> much higher in DC Amps.
> So how can I measure the draw without spending hundreds on some fancy 
> Fluke meter?  I want to start pulling fuses, but unless I know when
> current stops, it is a waste of time.  Is there an creative,
> way to measure the current?
> Thank you
> Matthew Brenengen
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