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Re: AoA is listening....finally!

RELAYER@aol.com wrote:
> The Orlando dealer is pretty much the sleaziest dealer east of the
> Mississippi.  He has had the franchise in Orlando since 1994, and in those 5
> years has alienated pretty much every Audi owner in Orlando.  

Terrific, AoA waits 5 years to fix a problem that probably should have:
A. Never happened, or
B. Been corrected 2-3 years ago.

I thought about deleting the following but, what the hell...
With problem responses like that, Duane will be a grandfather by the
time the Zone Rep gets back to him about his tranny problem and I'll be
too infirm to give a rat's a$% about anything.

I think we should consider flooding NHTSA's website with problem reports
(can I be in charge of the 087 gasket blowing-leaks like a 
sieve-dies too early-costs a bzillion $ to fix-slushbox committee). 
Maybe if a schoolbus full of DOT auto-nazis (oops) pulled up to AoA HQ
they'd get the message.
Mike I'm still waiting for answers from AoA Murphy
Still don't feel better.