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RE: WHAT AUDI SHOULD I GET...(kinda long)

> >> Replacement parts? Certainly no worse than a 91 200q given they 
> >> (V8's) were around a few years.
> >> 
> > ... very true.  The cars are very similar outside of the engine, 
> > tranny and rear diff.  The v8 is still a type 44 after all.
> And many body parts (hood/grill/other front stuff, F&R fenders, tail 
> lights, rear doors?, even the C-pillar trim...).
> And some interior parts (dash, floor "mats", headliner, visors, parcel 
> shelf; don't know if the leather was custom color)
... I guess I haven't had to deal with body parts as repair items ... YMMV
of course ...

One thing that I appreciate is the fact that with the V8 I'm pretty much
guaranteed that I can have repair parts for the car tomorrow at the latest

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)