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Re: Fuel Pump

?? The fuel pumps in all of my VW's (not Audis, I know, but Bosch pumps)
have buzzed loudly for tens of thousands of miles. My QSW's pump has been
LOUD ever since I've had the car. Fuel pump wise, the last 20K miles have
been trouble-free. I usually think that when the noise starts wavering,
THEN it's time to worry. But I've seen many a loud, buzzy fuel pump run for
years without trouble. Maybe Audis are really different, but isn't my QSW
pump just like a 4KQ?

Fred Munro wrote:

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> Date: Tuesday, February 09, 1999 11:54 PM
> Subject: Fuel Pump
> >I've recently been noticing the buzzing from my fuel pump is getting
> louder.
> >My fuel pump was changed about 55,000 miles ago.  The car has 131,000.
> Does
> >this mean I can expect to replace it again soon??????
> >
> Yes.
> Fred Munro
> '91 200q  268k km