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Re: search for 4K window fuses (fixing switches)


The switches can be disassembled and cleaned. If one of your windows works,
you can plug that switch into the harness for the other window to verify
the switch is the problem. Remove the problem switch and with a screwdriver
gently pry between the switch body and one side of the rocker in the middle
of the switch where the rocker pivot is to loosen the pivot. Then pry the
rocker out of the body. Be careful not to lose the spring, ball and other
components. Clean the contacts with an abrasive. It may also be necessary
to check the action of the switch and slightly bend the metal contact

These are really lousy switches, but rather than paying almost $100.00 for
one, I was able to clean and readjust mine in a few minutes. After that
they are good for a year or two before you have to do it again.


At 20:17 -0600 2/8/99, David Nevin wrote:
>Anyone know if there are in-line fuses for the power windows in my 87
>Audi 4KCS quaatro? I've been trying to get the driver's side window to
>work, and have fixed the broken wiring in the door jamb, but still no
>go. All the fuses under the dash are fine. . .