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Re: vacuum looking thingy

Chris Dyer wrote:
> For my '87 5kcstq:
> I need a new part, having trouble finding it.  It's the cheap, crappy
> plastic hose and its cheap, crappy vacuum-cleaner-shaped end that cools
> the fuel lines.  It's the one that goes over the valve cover towards the
> left, about 2-3 in. or so in diameter.  Anyone?  Dealer wants about
> $4,300 or so for it.  Too high?
Hey, I tore my old one up also, doing the engine swap on my 4k.  I got
another one from Shokan, less than $100.  cheaper?  I affectionatly
refer to it as the "Hoover Head". . . The hose can be replaced with
flexible aluminum VW Bug heater hose.  looks nice too.

Chris Locke 86 4kcstq
	    88 90q