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Re: Relay the UrQ headlights.

>    When I put Euro H4/H1 lights in my UrQ I went the extra step and put in
>    the relays for future wattage increases (as soon as just one bulb burns
>    out).
>    You need to run a large gauge wire 0 gauge I believe, from the post on
>    the alternator to a splitter box. I used a streetwires gold plated one,
>    ...
> Um . . . "0" gauge is a bit of overkill here, I think . . .

Yeah, I used 8 gauge, that'll handle 60 A... and it's only 12" long, for
crying out loud.  Then 10 ga to the highs and 12 ga to the lows... all
overkill even still.  0 ga counts more as bracing than wiring!

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT