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Re: Fitting 200 clutch to 5ktq?

In a message dated 99-02-11 00:16:50 EST, phen9461@uidaho.edu writes:

<<  I want to
 know how to put the 200 clutch on the Dished flywheel like some people
 have recommended.  I have seen these posts on the list before but I cant
 find any info on it now that I am getting close to doing this.<<

The early and late clutch discs both have the same dimension(240mm). I'd think
it would work. But the late clutch kit is a bit more expensive that the
earlier(maybe 50$). All that for an unproven slight improvement in clamping
force? I'd stick with the stock setup to match your flywheel unless your plans
call for 300+hp. Then maybe a Centreforce option or spring for the right
 >>Hey, Does anyone know if the Early NON-k24, etc 200's had the flat
 flywheel of the dished.  If they did have the flat one then I might know
 where to fine one.   >>

Nah, late '89's on up, all I've ever seen.

Chris Semple