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Re: QTC/4kQ/Coupe: P/N for plastic lower rad bracket

In message <933713F1FB7BD111AC2300A0C98F1AD101A078CC@milxpr06.kla-tencor.com> "Buchholz, Steven" writes:

> Hey, through quite an odd set of circumstances I found a plastic lower
> radiator shroud (the one which replaces the fiber board OEM unit) for the
> QTC and 4kQ and probably Coupe GT applications.  This is the same part that
> I had reported having installed on my QTC, but could not get a part number
> for.  The great thing was that the part was new enough to still have the
> Audi Part Number tag attached!  I don't know if the part is still available
> or how much it costs, but the number is:
> 	857 121 329B

It is listed as 'no longer available' in the UK, but _is_ available in
Germany.  I paid ca. $200 earlier this year from The Parts Department.

 Phil Payne
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