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4000Q Shocks, A3 1.8T

Hello all, I'm new to the digest.

I drive a 1986 4000Q.  Mostly a winter only car, not that we have much of a
winter up here in New England this year!

But, if anyone is intereseted, I have a new set of Bilstein HD's for the
same car for sale, still in the box, any offers of $200 or more I will

email: dugmar@seacoast.com

Thanks! -Doug

P.S.: I was in Bellingham, WA and had the rare opportunity to drive a new A3
1.8T this past weekend.  The only one in the US that I know of.  Digitec
chip, H&R coil-overs, Radius 18" rims and Supersprint DTM.  Cool car, and
fast.  Matt, you on this digest?  :)