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Fuel pump noises - other solutions

     In my experiences, modern automobiles have two fuel pumps.  One 
     inside the tank (a pre-fuel pump), and then a main pump that is 
     outside the tank.  If the main fuel pump becomes suddenly noisy, my 
     first guess would be to check the pre-fuel pump in the tank.  I've 
     replaced this part on my BIL's 90 dorF F-150, an 80 WMB 320i, an 87 
     VW Golf, an 89 VW GTI16V, and an 89 ovloV 240.  After about 130,000 
     miles, the main fuel pump then had to be replaced on the WMB.
     In short, if the pre-fuel pump goes bad, the main pump works harder 
     (and makes more noise) and this can lead to a premature death for 
     the main fuel pump.  To test the pre-fuel pump: turn on your car's 
     ignition (but don't start the car), then listen for a buzzing noise 
     from the tank area.  The buzzing should stop after a few seconds.  
     No buzzing >>> no working pre-fuel pump.
     If your pre-fuel pump is bad, you may be able to replace just the 
     actual pump motor.  WMB would only sell the whole in tank assembly 
     (for about $180US), however I was able to find a KEM motor to 
     replace the one in the assembly for around $40 (available at Forest 
     City Auto parts, Chicago area parts chain).  We did the same thing 
     for future pre-fuel pump repairs (including the ovloV and the 
     Good Luck,
     Karl H. Nitz
     '92 Audi 100S, 78k miles, weekend car
     '97 Chrysler Sebring LXi, 33k miles, wife's "German" car
     '81 VW Rabbit Diesel, 200k miles, 40 mpg daily driver
     '86 Kawi ZL600 and '85 Honda VF500F