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Re: Lotsa Tires...any good?

When it comes to tires I have used the Pirelli P7000, 225-45-17 the last
two years on my S4 Avant.
I'm totally satisfied with these tires and I feel confident even in very
high speeds. The car behaves like  a "locomotive" in cornering. I have no
racing experience though so I can't really tell you how they will perform
on a track. But for "demanding" everyday driving I think they are a good

Geir, Minneapolis.
audi S4 Avant 1993

>Hi group,
>I promised a friend I would send these tires by for a few comments by the
>q-list experts...anyone know of/experienced these tires?  Any BTDTs??
>The tires are going on a Dodge Neon...
>Here they are!
>Bridgestone Potenza RE910 ... $86 US (all prices US)
>Pirelli P7000  $108
>Yokohama A520  $109
>Dunlop SP Sport W-10 $93
>Yoko A520  $99
>Dunlop SP Sport W-10  $83
>BFGoodrich Radial T/A (only all season)  $85
>RaceTires:  205/60/14
>Yoko A008RSII  $108
>Hoosier R3S03  $85
>BG Comp TA R1  $112
>BG G-Force TA R1 $???
>Kumho V700 (205/55/14)  $105  (195/60/14) $95
>Yoko A032R  (195/60/14)  $103