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RE: unintended accel and dateline

actually it was the isuzu trooper

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Subject: unintended accel and dateline

Remember the Mistubishi jeep thing? (Can't remember the name) Consumer
reports reported on how DANGEROUS it was b/c it tipped over at high
speeds (imagine that, in an OFF-ROAD vehicle!!) Well, they didn't mention
that the Bronco tipped over much easier. But, of course, Mitsubishi sales

Point being, you can't trust those "news" shows (60 minutes, dateline,
etc.) further than you can throw your TV. There was an interesting segment
about "news" shows on the Leher news hour. In interviews with various
producers (current and past) of these shows, they stated/admitted that the
shows are sensationalistic because they have to compete against shows
like Hill Street Blues, ER, etc. 

Consumer reports is an oddball too. Ever read about a Volvo that they
didn't like? Or a Toyota? But, they don't typically like other European
marks, despite their "concern" about vehicle safety. (Not to mention, that
the same editorial staff reports on microwaves as well as cars!)

OK, rant off. I voice my opinion by not watching or buying them, and an
occasional rant to friends and newsgroups.

Sorry for the WOB. (Can we make this an acronym too, SFTWOB?)


TV used only for Simpsons, sports, and some PBS / Discovery /
IwhishIhadSpeedVision shows.

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