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Book & Software reviewers needed. You review it & you keep it!

Lisa posted your email address on our web site on Feb 5, 1999 stating that you might be interested in becoming a reviewer for our service.

We are the largest independent consumer review service on the Internet. We need book, PC & Macintosh software, consumer product and upscale restaurant and resort
reviewers.  Our reviewers can request virtually any book, software program and consumer product to review. You may
keep the review titles after you post your review to our web site.

We supply you with the review request forms and envelopes and complete instructions how you are to send theses requests to the publishers and manufacturers. Our review service has been on the internet for two years and we have shipped out over $3,772,532 in products to over 4,200 reviewers in the past 18 months.

To learn how to become a reviewer for our company send us an email with the words STARTER PACKAGE in the message subject line. Email to:

<a href="mailto: int-offer@mymail.com?subject=Starter Package">


Kristen Matthews, Senior Editor

PS: We have a contract with two major book publishers to 
sign authors for new eBooks. These are short pamphlets and books up to 1,000 pages which they will publish on their Internet web site. You will write or convert your book to HTML format. We will supply you with free WYSIWYG HTML software programs.


This information is only mailed to individuals who are reviewers or requested information about our review service.  You may have had your email address placed on our mailing list by a friend or associate who visited our web site.

This is an opt-out newsletter.  We honor all REMOVE request.  Reply to: int-offer@mymail.com with the word REMOVE in the messsage subject line.