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Re: Is TTq long. or transverse.

Roger DeCoster writes:
> Having read the R&T and C&D articles on the TT, it is clear that the
> engine is mounted transversely in the engine bay.  Or, as some would
> say, the 'wrong' way.  I am wondering if the engine is mounted
> longitudinally for the quattro version to facilitate the driveline
> going to the rear wheels as well.  So, those of you in the know, which
> is it - 'right' or wrong'?  And is there a compelling reason Audi went
> the wrong way for the front-driver?

The TT is based on the VW/Audi corporate A-class platform (which the Audi A3,
VW Golf, Bora (Jetta) and new Beetle are also built on).  This platform
is designed to have a tranversely-mounted engine.  The quattro/4Motion
versions of these cars will still have a transverse engine.

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