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Re: Fitting 200 clutch to 5ktq?

>>Todd Phenneger said:
> >I thought about the Centerforce option but from those
>>that ;supposedly know (NEd and Scott Mockery) the 200 unit is Much
>I have never used the Centerforce pressure plate, so I am not sure
>you heard that I recommend the stock 200 clutch over the Centerforce
>unit. It is possible the 200 pressure plate has more clamping force
>the earlier 5000TQ but this is just conjecture on my part. <br>

    Sorry.  I wrote that wrong. What I meant is I have heard from you
and Ned that the 200 unit is definately stronger than the 5ktq unit.
But you say it is just Conjecture so I guess I misunderstood you at the
Quattro Club meeting last spring/summer in Tacoma/Parkland.  But I think
Ned also said the same thing (that the 200 unit has more clamping force
than 5ktq unit.  Sorry for the mix up.

>You may want to contact Triston Harlington below, If I remember
>he had the early style 5000TQ deep dish flywheel lightened and is using

>the Centerforce clutch pressure plate in his 5000TQ with the 10V MC

    I have talked with him and may go the Centerforce way but would like
to go New 200 if I can.  His unit is a stock 5ktq unit modified by
centerforce but his Tranny Rattles as a result of the lightened flywheel
and not having the extra 4 springs that the 200 friction plate has.

>I think Alex Neckas has also tried the Centerforce unit. <br>
>The replacement clutch disc for the 200TQ is more expensive as they
>fitted some extra damping springs to the center hub section to
>gear clattering at idle on the 200TQ cars with the lighter flat style

    THat is why I want to use the 200 disc.  It should be compatible but
I want to find out about the Pressure Plate itself.

>Triston noticed the same gear clattering when he lightened his deep
>flywheel from the 5000TQ.<br>

    Yep, and I would like to avoid this if possible.  Boy, the dilema.
All would be so easy if I had the later flat face flywheel.  Grrr.