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Re: Stereo in A6

Hairy green toads from Mars made Craig Simard say:

> I just purchased a '96 A6 Quattro and am happy to find this list.  My
> first impression is that this car is extremely solid and well built,
> but a bit gutless.  I'd like to try driving the new V8 that is coming
> out.  My only other complaint is the crappy factory stereo.  I read in
> the archives some complaints about the Bose system, which I do not
> have.  If some of you think that is bad, you should hear this system. 
> It cannot reproduce low or high frequencies.  The FM radio has the
> quality of AM.  The stereo is physically very wide.  Have any of you
> found an aftermarket unit which fits well and has the similar red
> color display that the factory unit has?

Every one of my Qs has had the factory POS junked and replaced
with a nice Kenwood CD player. They do red (actually orange) or
green, switchable. Nice units, fit perfectly, not too $$$.


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