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RE: Unintended acceleration- NO AUDI CONTENT

I second that.  Falwell is an idiot.  The Teletubbies is targeted toward
toddlers.  As a psychology major, I think I can safely say that even Freud
would have a tough time buying that toddlers are processing the color purple
and a triangle shape into sexually charged symbols.  Give me a frigin break.

Dan Sinclair
1988 Audi 90, 67K mi.
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<<  Touted as a country
 of free, open-minded and independent thinkers, sure seem to be a lot of
 sheep letting TV make their decisions in the good 'ole US of A.  Let the
 flames begin! :)

 Dan Sinclair >>
WOB: I'll agree with that. Just look at what that jerk Falwell is trying to
stir up by calling a puppet on a kid's TV show Gay. Give me a break! Tele-
Tubbies are about as asexual as you can get. My 2 1/2 y.o. watches every
day and just thinks they're silly. I'm more worried about the big purple

AUDI CONTENT: I'm new to the list. I have an A4 1.8T and I've read some
mention of having trouble with the tubes to/from the Intercooler under high
boost situations. Could somebody enlighten me?

Mike Torio