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re: UrQ vs M3 (E30)

I think the E30 M3 is one of the most desirable cars ever made.  Great 
performance, terrific handling.... very responsive in every way... but not 
really a good car to compare to a UrQ.  The M3 is high-strung, requiring an 
aggressive foot to keep the revs up.  The torque peak is only 170lbs or so... 
and doesn't happen until 4700 rpm or so.   I agree with an earlier post... it's 
a hard car to drive really well... but very rewarding if you do.

I'd love to have one for a "fun" car, but I'd still use my UrQ as the daily 
driver.  More mid-range torque, more top end power, and more relaxed fun.  A 
20-valve-UrQ would be even better... so we're told. ;-(

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI