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Interesting info on parts CDROM

Hi all,

I was just in at Carlsen today and asked Didi when they're going to CDROM
(ETKA system) and she said they were going to do it a month ago but "it
just ain't happening".   When I asked her why, she related that if the
computers go down, they're "SOL".  Turns out the parts database is just
part of an overall billing/invoice system requiring adequate backup.  In
theory, you're supposed to be able to click on part and bam, it
automatically ends up on an invoice ready to print.  She said the local VW
dealer (Bob Lewis for those in the SF Bay Area) is running the package and
absolutely hates it.  I can understand when a parts inventory program
becomes part of your infrastructure-the system has to be 100% reliable.  I
then asked her if they're throwing out the big orange fiche readers anyway,
and she just looked at me and said, "No way! I'm getting it first!"


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