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Re: UK vs US Ur-q Scorpian

In message <e48c289f.36c43d60@aol.com> QSHIPQ@aol.com writes:

> No.  BTDT.  I have the Scorpian 2 box system (3in downpipe, 3in Cat <added>,
> 3in SS exh).  The floopan for the exhaust routing is slightly different
> (especially in the rear boot pan) due to the RHD.  However, my exhaust guy
> added a 6in piece of mandrel pipe bend at the back of the rear sub, and it fit
> fine.

Can't see this in the microfiche.  The same downpipe and rear box
numbers are called for the WR and WX.  The only delta is the centre
section.  The rear box especially, which contains the bends to pass
through the rear subframe and drive system with some precision is
exactly the same part.  I also don't see what effect RHD has on the
rear of the car (or, in many respects, even on the front).

Interesting part number - 857 253 301 provides a straight pipe in place
of the cat 'for importing a cat-equipped car into an environment where
catalysts are not required".

 Phil Payne
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