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Will these tires work on a '91 200TQW?

I figure the combined wisdom of the collective should help me make a choice
here.  It's tire time, and I've narrowed the alternatives, partly on the
basis of comments from the list, and partly because of price, etc.  I
figured I'd spring for a set of Dunlop SP4000s (225/60ZR15).  Tirerack is
selling them at $68. a piece.  However, today I went into their website and
checked out the SP8000s, which many listers like.  I noticed that they
actually make these tires in 245/50ZR15 size.  

Question:  Will these tires fit and handle okay on this car, a '91 200Q
avant with stock 7.5x15 BBS rims?  The difference in diameter from stock
(215/60/15) is .5".  At 3000rpm in 5th, the mph difference is 1mph.  So
that's not an issue.  Perhaps the SP4000 is a more versatile tire?  The ride
will be noticeably different with a 50 series tire??  (I put '92 S4 struts
and brakes on the car in June.  The '92 springs are the stiffest of all on
the S-cars).

In the absence of some 16" wheels coming my way at a reasonable price, these
are my alternatives.  Any advice/experience is very much appreciated.

Oh, yeah, the car is in Southern California.  It hasn't seen the mountains
and snow yet, but it may.


- Jim