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A money pit already...

Brand new car and I'm already spending $$$ on it. I ordered rubber mats
from MacNeil and Audi cross bars (Aluminum) for my roof rack. (No way a wet
snowboard is going _inside_ my Audi!)

Had to take the truck to help Mother move out of family home of 40 years -
when I got home, I was surprised to see the Landcruiser parked in the
driveway and, yep, *my* Audi A6 Avant mysteriously missing. Husband broke
an unwritten and unspoken rule - we just don't drive the other's car. Seems
he took it to the basketball tournament for the sons...

I think he likes my Audi better than my Previa. :+) I noticed that he
didn't leave me a key for his Cruiser...