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EE's needed for washer problem


Thank you again for all of your help in diagnosing my alternator problem 
on my 4kq.  I was able to get a $45 alternator from the recycling yard 
and put it into my car without any difficulty.  It now seems to be 
working quite well again.

Today, I have had time to tackle some of the minor problems, namely the 
inoperable windshield washer pump.  It is very strange.  I have 12v 
where the plug goes into the pump when I pull back the windshield wiper 
stalk; if I run 12v direct from my battery to the the pump, the pump 
whirs happily.  Yet when I plug it in and pull the stalk back, nothing 
will happen.  The windshield wipers do not even go back and forth.  When 
I unplug the pump and pull the stalk back, the wipers go just fine.  

So why am I having this problem only when the pump is plugged in?  BTW, 
I tried the pump from my QSW with the same results.  

I appreciate any input.  

'87 4kq; 88 QSW

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