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Idle Stabalizer Valve

Bill Martin wrote:


> Has anyone been able to clean this valve so it then worked properly. If you

> were able to clean it ,how did you do it. I have heard others say they did

> this, but no answer as to the results or how they cleaned it.


> Regards Bill

I'ved clean a couple, but at some point, another one is necessary.  I've

found that carb cleaner and a small paint brush will do just fine to

take the black off the valve portion of this, but the commutator of the

electrical side of the house has to be cleaned too.  Pry off the 4 bent

tabs that hold the thing together, then seperate the motor part from the

valve part, and the mess will spring apart into about 400 different

directions.  If the commutator isn't pitted too badly, you can take a
hammer and force the electrical part back into the valve

part, throw away the parts that went under the work bench, and call up a

friend who has one and buy it from him!!!  btdt,  btw, thanks jay!

Chris Locke 86 4kcstq

	    88 90q