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Alternator, 120AMP,14.8 Volt, for sale

I have an offer for you that is "impossible to refuse"

You Get:
* 120AMP alternator that is a converted 90AMP Bosch alternator
* The stator winding is increased to allow for 120AMP delivery
* The voltage regulator (new) is 14.8Volt, (std. regulator is 14Volt)
* New bearings all through
* 1 year warranty
* Clean rebuilt alternator
* No need for any new additional brackets, fits exactly the same way as your
old alternator did
* No more  draining the batt. with the after run fans and those "ungodly"
Euro lights (didn't you always want 400Watt lights?)
* You get the alternator and than turn in your old alternator (for core)
* Overseas requests are welcome (shipping will be extra), no core will be
requested for overseas shipping
* I don't care if your alternator (for core purpose) is working or not, just
that the body is not damaged
* Detailed step-by-step instructions for installation

I Get:
* $185+15 for shipping  (extra for overseas)
* Your old alternator (for core purpose)

I already have two of those alternators installed in my cars and one list
member is running an additional one.  It works like a champ,

Let me know, Email me direct,