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HELP, I have an oil leak after TBelt replacement.  My friend/mechanic changed the TB on
my 86 5KS with ~190K one week ago. The water pump ( german make) with gasket and 2
other gaskets (seals- cam seal?)  were changed as well. The car ran great, the water
pump made no noises, but I drove home to Boston from NY right after (10pm)- when I got
home 200miles later I was down 1 quart. I normally have no leaks nor do I have to add
oil between oil changes.
So,  the leak is a small but constant one while the engine is running. After I cleaned
off the oil, it appears the leak is coming from behind the large pulley (balancer?- near
the oil pan)- it leaks onto the front of the oil pain- unsure the source of the leak.
The leak is enough that the entire underbody has some oil coating. please fellow
Qlisters advise me on what to check/look for. TIA.
Rich Romero