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RE: RS2 clicking valve lifters?

> I don't think the 200TQ (non-USA, at least) even _has_ a
> vacuum pump.

Most interesting. I thought from the list most people were
indicating there is a pump on the MC motor. I guess I should
go crawling under there and try and have a look sometime.
So which cars have this pump listers talk about?

[snip vacuum details]

Interesting indeed. Do you know what devices it provides
vacuum to on the non-quattro MC 10-valve 200 (pre-1990)?
I don't think I've ever seen that split unit in the
engine bay. The only vacuum looking thing is that unit that
I see around the heater lines.

> They can be hard to tell apart.  For about nine months last
> year, Roger kept saying he had a lifter on the way out.  I
> maintained that it was an exhaust tick.  I was right.

Power sapper, right? A noisy EM (and I mean noisy!)
could sap tonnes of power, couldn't it? I recall from
last year's discussions on this that that is the case.

> If it's a manifold tick, it will usually be _much_ worse
> after the engine has been hot, has cooled, and is started
> again after about an hour.

Yup. That's the one. I doubt this will apply to the original
post for the RS2 on the list. :) I still have the 1-piece
manifold, once again my money has been drained off for the
time being to rebuild my sister's Toyota 12-valve, so the
2-piece is sitting at my mechanics place waiting for my
next paycheque. :)

In the morning, when the motor is ice cold, I start up
and the clicking is incredibly loud. It dies away after
a while. I tends to return when restarting after a bit of
a sit.

Thanks for the info, Phil. Will be waiting for more info
on the vacuum supply thing in this car so I know what I'm
dealing with if I come across it at some point in time. :)


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