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Re: Oh, this is going to get ugly

Thanks, Greg. I called Dee, but she's not interested in the Audi A4 wheels.
She was interested in why you are receiving personal Audi email at work,
though. She mentioned something about speaking to your supervisor. Gee, its
too bad that you weren't in the office to intercept this....

Thanks for directing me to Dee, she's a hell of a gal.

Sean Ford
'92 Audi 100CS 5-spd 43k mi

"Greg Smedsrud" <GSMED@novell.com> on 02/15/99 09:38:15 AM

Please respond to GSMED@novell.com

To:   Sean Ford
Subject:  Re: Oh, this is going to get ugly

I am not in the office from 2-16 through 2-19.  Please contact Dee Brown
at 801-222-7738 for further assistance.

Thank you,