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4kq no start--fuel pump or relay?

First, I want to waste some bandwidth to comment on how
great this list is. Normally, when I post a question to a
list, I maybe get one or two answers and so I reply to each
person individually and thank them. On this list, that's
impossible--I've asked a couple of questions about my new to
me 87 4KCSQ and get so many great answers that it's
impossible to reply to everyone. So to all out there,
thanks! As I learn more about the peculiarities of my car, I
hope to be able to contribute a little knowledge to the
group--but until that time, I'll remain in everyone's debt.
Thanks to all

Now for the problem--went out to the car yesterday afternoon
(very nice day, in the 60's, btw)and it wouldn't start. It
was firing, because it started to run for a brief second,
but never came up to even idle speed. I hear no sound to
indicate that my fuel pump is running. I checked for obvious
vacuum leaks, checked all my fuses (in the fuse box), made
sure all the relays I could see were plugged in completely.
Nothing. Ideas? 

It had run perfectly before this--no sign that anything was

I did some quick searches on the archives, and I'm sure this
has been covered (possibly even recently) but the words I
chose on my searches must have been poor. 

Thanks again for your help. I'm still in love with the car,
even if it doesn't move (although if I can't get it to move
within, say, the next few weeks I think that love might
fade). ;^)

87 4KCS quattro