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[Fwd: Audi A4]

For those of you who have seen my A4....tell me what you think.  I told
him I would take no less than $21,700.  Personally, I think I should
tell him where he can shove his $20,325.

Respond directly as I'm not $ubbed.



Thanks for the pictures. We do have a very positive reaction towards
acquiring the car - for the proper price. I have checked in again over the
internet, this time with the Georgia MVD, and their valuation, agrees with
my other sources. The trade in is set at $18491 and the market value is

The observations that I have from our drive are: the tires and the vibration
I felt on the curvy road and also while breaking. I might have to visit the
mechanic for a professional opinion.

Our offer is $20325 consistent with the market value. Please respond with
your decision at the earliest.