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Re: '83 4ks TD cooling dilemma

I can answer question a). Where the top coolant hose goes into the head, there is
an aluminum thingy that the hose goes onto. Screwed into this should be the
time-thermoswitch, if that's what they're talking about. This applies to gasoline
powered cars, maybe the diesel is different (I don't think diesels have a
cold-start injector, do they? Maybe they do- the time-thermoswitch, on gas cars, is
to shut off the cold start injector when the engine is hot or after you've been
cranking for 5 seconds).
    HTH! (Maybe it doesn't)

JIM_WALLACE@HP-Canada-om1.om.hp.com wrote:

> Greetings,
> I'm still waiting for a Bentley to arrive; meanwhile, I hope someone from the
> list can help me out. I had the following experience on Saturday:
> 1. The car was never getting up to temperature. (Stuck open thermostat, I
> figure.)
> 2. Replaced thermostat with new 190 degree unit.
> 3. Car now begins to warm up nicely at idle.
> 4. Take for test drive - zoom - temp skyrockets.
> 5. Get home quickly, temp settles back to mid point with car idling.
> 6. Top up coolant; it takes about another quart.
> 7. Test drive again, temp skyrockets again.
> 8. Back in garage, doesn't need more coolant, but car is idling rougher than
> before.
> Note: I took out a thermostat that has had its working section removed i.e.
> only the flange was there. I am now suspicious of the previous owner.
> Then, I find the following cryptic label: (reproducing from memory only) "When
> topping up coolant, open the thermo timer switch on the outlet adapter on
> cylinder head. Close again when fully drained." That's right, you're both
> topping up and draining simultaneously by the looks of this message.
> So,
> a) where is this switch and what's it look like? There are lots of sensors etc.
> on the head.
> b) do I have an air lock someplace?
> c) do I need a water pump?
> d) is it something else? Like maybe the coolant will only leak through that
> previously undetected crack in the head once it gets good and hot?
> At one point I thought the thermostat might be in backwards but it only fits
> one way.
> Any input is appreciated; the car is out of service until this is either
> resolved or I go back to the thermostat flange only, but then I can't defrost
> the windshield.
> Thanks in advance,
> Jim Wallace