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Exploring KZ motors

I'm looking at the letters KZ on an engine that should be marked MC. Yes,
it is a turbo. No, I'm not unhappy about it, just need a little information.

Questions: I know the car is a CD (Canadian 5 KTQ) - did they use the KZ
block instead of the MC block?

I understand the KZ block got the MC style oil squirters at some time
during the production run - anyone know what the starting number for KZ
*with* squirters was?

I do know that the KZ block is normally the non-turbo with 8.5:1 pistons -
if the correct MC pistons are installed (7.6:1 or so), does that make this
KZ block (assuming it has the squirters) equivalent to the MC block?

Anyone know what the casting codes were for the NA head compared to the
turbo head? This one is turbo, and I'd like to know if only the BLOCK was
changed, or someone has taken a NA engine (KZ block and standard head),
8.5:1 CR and non-sodium filled valves) and just bolted all the turbo stuff
to it.

My suspicion is that the block was replaced and filled up with all the
turbo goodies, but I'd like to avoid doing a teardown to find out.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman