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Re: further on bmw

In message <0D1316C4DFFED0118B990000F804E8BCC05BD9@MOENT1.MINEDU.GOVT.NZ> Eaton Dave writes:

> "The Quandt family's declaration of support for BMW is steadfast. There are
> no indications that this will change," a spokesman for the family, which is
> thought to hold a 45 percent stake in Europe's biggest car maker, told
> Reuters.  The spokesman said this position was true in reference to both
> General Motors and Volkswagen's rumored interest in the company.

Note that, in German company law, a simple majority of the shares
is not enough to do many things that a new owner might like to do.

The magic 'blocking percentage' is a weird number - 28.something% of the
issued shares?

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