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door dingers

I feel for you. Know exactly what you mean. The only solution (short of
educating the entire public) is to park way off, close to a plantation, wall
or whatever so as little as possible of car is "exposed". Since people
generally are lazy, parking way off to one side normally leaves you alone.
Unfortunately not that easy to practice in big and congested cities (in
Dallas it worked great, in Seattle another story...). I've tried a few times
to nicely "lecture" the vandals but I don't think it works in the long run.
The US mega consumption culture is in many way a "buy and trash" culture so
why should people care more for their cars than they care for anything
else...? Sad state of mind.

P-O Selander, Bellevue, WA (cried when I had my first dent)
89 100E
91 300ZXTT