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Re: V8 Turbo = bye bye tranny ;-)

Rob Andrews wrote:

> >Did Audi ever make such a car.  A friend of mine told me of a car that
> >he had heard about.  I really did not believe this, can anyone shed some
> >light on this?  It was a older car maybe 88 to 92.

> While Audi didn't make it persay, overseas there is a tuner who does modify
> the V8 with twin turbos.  Has something like 600hp or some ungodly #

...which makes me wonder, do they have a "tranny of the month" club over
there?  ;-)


"Team Door Handle has _nothing_ on Team Tranny...  2 trannies down, one to
'90 CQ20V  -new tranny (out of pocket)
'93 S4  - new tranny (under warranty)
'90 V8 - orig tranny  (ticking bomb?)