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<WTB> used audi 4000 quattro transaxle, for parts, any condition

Wanted to buy:

'84 -'87 (?) junk 4000 quattro transaxle.  Specifically, I need the 5th
gearset and 4th gearset for a special rebuild.  I don't know the two-letter
transmission code I need, but the transaxle I have in mind will have the
following gear ratios:
1st 10:36 (3.60)
2nd 16:34 (2.125)
3rd 24:35 (1.4583)
4th 28:30 (1.0714)
5th 35:29 (0.7297)
ring & pinion 9:37 (4.11)

The transaxle can have problems, since I am only after 4th & 5th gears.
Hoping to find one for about $50.

Or, if anyone has gears from a stripped tranny, I am looking for:
016 311 149 H (4th gear, not sure if it's in this trans or not)
016 311 159 ? (5th gear, 29 teeth)
016 311 353 ? (5th shifting gear, 35 teeth)
and maybe 016 311 131 D (3rd gear)

I am almost positive that this trans will have the 5th gears inside it, but
I'm not sure about the 4th gears.  If someone has the transaxle fiche for
the 4000 quattro, I'd love to know the part nos. for 4th & 5th gears (both
shifting & fixed) as well as the 2-letter bellhousing code for this trans.

-Brian Doll
Rochester, MI