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Re: 99 A6: Missing Rear seat heaters?

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From: Debra Snell <snell@netshel.net>
To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
Date: Tuesday, February 16, 1999 12:29 AM
Subject: 99 A6: Missing Rear seat heaters?

99 A4s only have em them in the front.  That's it.  Don't know about A6,
could be.  Sorry rear passangers ;)

>>I recently purchased a 99 A6 with the clod weather package which, as it
>>claims on Audi's web site, has heated front *and* rear seats.  It also
>>explains the heated rear seat use in my owner's manual.  My A6 doesn't
>>have the heated rear seats even though it has all the other elements of
>>the CWP.
>So your car has _front_ heated seats but none in the rear?
>>During my weekly washing at the dealership I took a look around at other
>>A6s and noticed they all had the rear seat heaters.  I managed to grab
>>my salesperson who told me that some A6s came without them and he hadn't
>>noticed that mine didn't have them.  Thinking this may be as much my
>>fault as his I am trying to find my window sticker to see if it is an
>>oversight on my part as well, but I still feel a little cheated.
>Cold weather pkg is an option, but if it is listed on your window sticker,
>it should have them in front and rear...
>>Do any of you have any advice as to what I should/can do in a case such
>>as this?  It seems that if this is an oversight it is such a specialty
>>of my specific sedan that the dealer should have been responsible for
>>pointing it out since all of Audi's literature specifically states this
>>as feature or the 99 A6 and mine doesn't have it.  Am I wrong for
>>assuming it should have this feature, but not checking?
>>  I am still within 30 days of purchase.  Does this give me legal
>>recourse? It seems to me that if a model deviates from the standard
>>features contained in the manufactures literature then the dealer should
>>be responsible for pointing it out to the buyer, although there's always
>>'buyer beware'.  Any help/suggestions/comments are appreciated.  Thanks!
>I think you are correct in checking the window sticker of your car (perhaps
>the dealer has an invoice if you can't find your window sticker) to see
>_if_ you in fact paid for this option. If you did, you have a case. If you
>didn't pay for it, I'd think it was simply an oversight on your part.