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re: 1985 4kq - Thanks (and help)

skoczulj wrote:
> From:	  Jason.Skoczulek@lls.edu
> Thanks for your help on the 1985 Audi 4000 Quattro that wouldn't start.  It
> was indeed a misplaced fuse.  Without your help I would still be under that
> *&^*&% hood.  I owe a beer to each of you.
> One more question before I buy the Bentley set (anyone have a used one?)
> The car takes a long time to warm up (about ten minutes) and then quickly
> overheats.  What should I check first?	The electric fan only comes on after
> the car is so hot I have to pull off the road.  Once I stop, then it comes on.
>  Is this common?  Should I replace the thermostat first or check the fan relay
> out? Water pump? Clogged radiator?

Sounds like both your thermostat is bad, and your fan switch/temp sensor in the 
bottom of the radiator.  Does your fan come in with the a/c?