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Beware of VRC and VRE

Volkswagen Retail Concept and Volkswagen Retail Experience.

I kid you not.  From the folks who brought you brand separation - yet
another asinine idea to prove they haven't been asleep all winter.

No parts counters any more - just four undifferentiated desks in a
"retail space".  Wait on a friendly lounger until a desk is free,
and then go and rap with the occupant.  More like pregnancy counseling
than ordering spares.  I now have the opportunity to explain, over the
next few months, that there are cars called "quattros" and nothing else
to every single member of the dealership's staff.

"But what _sort_ of quattro, sir - an A4? An A6?"

"No, just quattro.  That's all it says.  Audi quattro."

"But it can't ..."

 Phil Payne
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