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Re: Exhaust Rattle in Cats?

I'll take a look  - thanks.

On Tue, 16 Feb 1999 13:42:06 -0600, Jason Aamodt wrote:

>Have you guys looked at the heat shield?  I had the same sound (from your
>description), and someone on this list told me that it might be the heat
>shield.  It was.  I clamped it with a large clamp (you know, like the ones
>used on the backs of clothes dryers) and its been good since.  It was a
>great $0.69, 5 minute fix!
>Good luck
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>>>Peter Dowker wrote:
>>>Noise sounds like a loose flap or pebbles in a can, sort of a rhythmical
>>>clank, varies with speed
>>>It is very possible that the innards (all or parts) of your catalytic
>>>converter are now hiding in the center or rear muffler. It happened to my
>>>car. Same "strange" noise, didn't understand it first. When I took the
>>>mufflers off to clean them out, entire innards from converter came out. The
>>>honeycomb ceramic from the cat looks very much like charcoal.
>>>I'll check the following link for good prices on cats:
>>Hmm, I've got this sort of rattle too. Moron PO said that cat was gutted,
>>but the car still passed emissions testing quite well last year
>>(after 2 oil chnage and a new air filter).
>>Is it possible to 'empty' the muffler(s) w/o cutting/welding?
>>(What exactly did you do?)
>>I can handle nuts and bolts, and would of course prefer to
>>do this my$elf.


P. Dowker