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Re: 200 > 100 Fuel Injector compatibility...

In message <7806185d.36c9cef8@aol.com> JustaxPHX@aol.com writes:

> This weekend, I finally diagnosed the stumbling problem my father's '91 100
> experiences every morning to leaky injectors ... I guess this is to be
> expected at 114k and it's time to replace the seals and inserts anyway.

> However, since I already have an extra set of brand-new injectors for my '89
> 200q on hand thanks to an ordering error, I'm wondering if these are the same
> (and/or will work, if not) and thus allow me to unload them -- er, sell them
> -- to my father for what I paid and do us both a favor in the process.

Yes, it's highly likely that recently-ordered injectors for a 200Q are
actually the same as the ones to which the later 100 has now superseded.

I think you have to look for an 'F' suffix.  Either way, they're
perfectly OK.

 Phil Payne
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