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fuel line replaced

	actually, i believe it was a fuel return line.

	yes it was a pain in the ass.  my garage and part
	of my house smells like gasoline.  we used containers
	under the car to drain off 5.5 gallons of fuel,
	as well as lots of kittylitter for the spillage.
	many thinks to mike williams for helping and enduring
	the fumes and spilled fuel.

	replacing the short return line from the tank to 
	where it joins up with the rigid lines is a bit of
	a hassle.  as this is my first cramped-quarters
	experience with my urq, besides working under and
	inside the dashboard, i am not sure what the relaive
	hassle of this was.  but i got the new hose on, routed
	it correctly, and tightened down the clamps.  so far
	this seems to have solved the slow fuel leak problem.

	the hose we removed was cracked at the top end in many
	places and seemed to be of slightly larger diameter
	than the replacement (which fit perfectly).  the hardest
	part was dealing with that rubber stopper bit in the

	anyway we're guessing that when the PO had the tank
	out to repair a leak, the people who did the work 
	re-used the fuel lines.  duh.  i believe the tank 
	was leaking because of being poorly installed from 
	the time th car was painted, 18 months ago or so.
	i also think that being in california with our mtb2
	or whatever it is also caused some of the problem.

	anyway, thanks to all who resoponded to questions 
	about it over the last few months.  steve buckholtz
	had a lot of good stuff to say about it, among others
	of you wonderful souls.  and thanks again to mike
	"brownie mix" williams for his role as teacher/assistant
	and for keeping my peeved girlfriend amused while i 
	spent a holiday working.

	also of note: added a plexiglass cover to the amp and
	crossover mounting in the trunk, so now i can pack 
	it real tight without fear of damaging the components
	(the xovers are just boards).  also i noted something
	funky about the front speaker wiring that i'll be
	getting to soon.

	this fuel line repair is the second-to-last thing i'll
	be fixing before i sell the urq.  the next attack will
	be to go through the full procedure for chasing down 
	the 4k bug, as mister richie outlined it.

 rocky mullin
 two strokes are faster than four!
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