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Fire went out!

My car died as I pulled into the parking lot this morning and refused to

- '87 5kCSq, 93kmi
- I checked fuses, all good.
- I jumped the fuel pump relay, no change.
- To get it out of the street I had it towed to a nearby German car repair
- They say it's not getting spark, pulled the starter to check for the Hall
sensor pin, pin is still there
- Shop says they won't work on it any further as, "...you done changed too
much stuff on it, Boy!"

The HKS boost controller has no effect on the ignition system and vice
versa.  The MSD ignition system might, however.  The shop probably didn't
take it out of the system despite my telling them how to over the phone.
Will do that myself in the morning.

I need from the list a few BTDTs regarding the Hall effect stuff.  The
housing on the side of the distributor (into which the three-pin connector
fits) is loose and has been secured with a zip tie by a previous mechanic.
Is this a trouble spot?  Connections _seem_ to be made and plug clicks
nicely into housing.

Is there any way to check the output of the Hall trigger-thing?

Regards, Gross