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Re: Beware of VRC and VRE

I have two comments.  First, I went to Audi dealer ONCE.  Never again unless
to buy a new vehicle and maybe not even then.  I tried to get that 4 way hose
connector for the ISV and a few other parts.  40 bucks, 3 dollars for a
washer, so on.   Everything needs to be ordered.  Half comes wrong.  I don't
care whose fault it is, the dealer or AOA.  It's 45 minutes one way to get
there.  My solution was to learn the car.  Find out what breaks, what stuff
that broke they fixed with an update, which parts are rebuildable.  Now go to
all the U-Pull-Its in the area and get everything that fits that criteria.
Alternators, starters, blower motors, calipers, ISV's etc.  Once and awhile I
find brand new hoses, electronics, etc. still with the Audi part tag on them.
In for service and wreck on the way home(gotta love it).  Found brand new
front pads and rotors in the trunk of a wreck once.  Guy must have been
meaning to install them when he totaled the car.  It's a beautiful thing when
the wife comes in at 6:15 and says "the car won't start".  Outside check, no
click, nothing.  In the basement got a box with a clean tested starter in
plastic.  Twenty five minutes after she walks in, she's driving down the road.
The other component is to plan ahead for scheduled maintance.  We've got the
schedules.  Mark the time, make a plan, and get the parts ahead of time from
mail order.  Sometimes 50-75% less than dealer.  Three years and 85,000
combined miles and not one breakdown.  No family members stranded at the side
of the road(Knock on Zebrano).  I don't believe it's luck and while I agree
that Audi did have some systems engineering issues(like that junk climate
control system GM pawned off on them), these can be overcome if you can
understand the problems instead of just replacing parts.  Guess Audi never
heard of the X-car.  What a spectacular success that piece of $hit was!

The other issue is driving and speed.  I know I'll probably set somebody off
with this but-I'm impatient and I'm addicted to speed.  Not just step on the
gas OOOH! go fast O.K. now slow down.  I mean 100-120 for an hour or two.  One
and a half hours off a 4 hr. trip and 3 hrs. off an 8 hr. trip.  Got knows
Merica is NOT ready for this!  But I really feel spoiled by driving in
Germany.  Move right if you're not passing.  Indicate lane changes.  Speeds
restricted by lanes.  It seems idiotic as well as boring to drone along at 65
on some deserted stretch of interstate in an Audi.  It fairly puts me to
sleep.  Get the mobile homes, sightseers, and U-hauls out of the left lane and
lets get on with the motoring.

My $.02 plus alot more.  Sorry for all the WOB

Jim Accordino    ssgacc@aol.com
89 200tq
85 5Kt