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Re: Door Dingers

>I'm strongly considering parking down at the end of the lot just to avoid all
the >assholes.

Parking at the end of the parking lot avoids the maddening crowd and gives you
a little exercise as a bonus! I do it all the time. Its gotten so, that
whoever is in my car with me points out spots because they already know, I
won't just park anywhere. My absolute first choice is an end spot so I only
have to worry about putting one side of Baby in jeopardy. I used to think if I
parked near an MB or a Lexus, I could rely on the driver to be careful,
obviously from what I've read, that's not always the case.

>I probably should also have left notes so that the idiots would realize why
it is
>that they now have a foot imprint in their door.  Oh well, I'll try to remain

You know what kind of note would be good? The kind that sticks onto the glass
completely so that it has to be scraped off with a razor blade. I've seen
those as no parking signs on occasion. Folks tend to take notice.

>little miss A6 is leasing her "Corporately" funded means of transportation
>therefore she doesn't have any personal value invested in the car. Shoot her
>on sight next time.

I'm pretty sure this is exactly the type of person who drove my car before it
found Nirvana (me). Although, there are various imperfections as a result and
I could never say it was "pristine" I'm happy to say there is nothing new
since I have the car. The passenger side of the car is the worst. That's why I
usually let that side face the world. There's a bit of paint scraped off there
and I know I should really address it. The trouble is I'm really nervous about
having that section sprayed, with pearl being so tricky, what if it doesn't

95A6q pearl